Tuesday, November 25, 2008

One Size Pockets & Prefolds For Sale

8 EUC one size pockets. Brand is Cloth Diapers Wholesale. http://www.clothdiaperwholesale.com/page/page/6292069.htm There is a small amount of staining for Butt Paste Diaper creame (now I know not to use it.) One has a little EBF staining. Probably will come off with some scrubbing. Doesn't effect usage. $8.00/ diaper. All of them for $60.00. Includes Shipping. No Inserts.

Dozen New – never been washed Premium prefolds. I bought the wrong size. They are off-white (which means they were processed once with Hydrogen Peroxide (not bleach) instead of twice (which would give you white), resulting in a creamy ivory color. 14.5"x21" Fits 15-30 pounds. $35.00 for all.

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