Friday, December 19, 2008

All I want for Chrsitmas

Tuli has been out growing the last batch of fitted diapers I made her so I just finished 8 larger ones. Brian told me that my fitteds are his favorites... Thanks!

My design was the same this time except I used a organic bamboo/cotton fabric for the inside and the soaker material. Bamboo is supposed to be more absorbent than cotton and has anti-fungal properties. I have used it as a soaker in a few of my earlier diapers. I still don't think it is as absorbent as my bath mat soakers (they were almost night worthy) but they are way trimmer and dry much much faster. The trade off I think is worth it. I did put a layer of fleece on top of the soaker inside the diaper to help with pulling moisture away from the skin since I did not use fleece right against the skin. We will see how that turns out. These are my leaving the house diapers. I know I usually can get at least 2 hours out of them unless she poops.

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