Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Favorite Diaper

We have been cd-ing for 3 and 1/2 months now and by far my most favorite diaper is BumGenius One Size 3.0 We only have 3 and use them as night time diapers. I had bought some other One Size Pockets for a good deal but they do not compare. The design is so similar I can't possibly tell you what is different about it but they leak and the BumGenius do not. I wish I could have wrapped my brain around spending $18.00 for a diaper but it for sure would have been the way to go. Brian says he likes them because they are so easy to use. I like them because they never leak. Tuli has been one for 12 hours and still no leaking.

Secondly I love my homemade fitted diapers. They fit Tuli very well and are very absorbent. I love fitted diapers because they catch the poop before it gets on the diaper cover. I always reach for my homemade fitted diapers when we go out because I know the fleece wicks the moister away and they are really absorbent so if we have lots of errands to run I am not changing diapers every few stops. I have also found that Tuli has pretty sensitive skin so if I do use a prefold I have to put a piece of fleece in the diaper to help wick away the wetness. I really need to make more but I am afraid that may not happen till after Xmas.... sigh! I have used organic bamboo batting bought at Joann Fabrics as soakers and as diapers and really like it. It is not quite as absorbent as 3 layers of bath mat terry cloth but still can soak up a lot of pee. They make the diapers much less bulky too. I think I will just stick to using the bamboo as a soaker because the fleece inside and flannel outside work great and it is much for economical, which is frankly one of the main reasons I started cd-ing

My favorite diaper cover is Thristies. They fit Tuli good and hardly ever leak (and when they do it is my fault for not getting to them sooner). I feel like them are the less bulky of the diaper covers I have tried. I have bought several used through the bargain basement at and have been so happy with them.

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Gwen said...

I found your blog from a google search. :) I bought bamboo batting tonight after reading your blog, and wanted to know (before I start sewing diapers with it) how yours held up. How many layers of batting did you use? And do you do anything special with it other than sandwiching between two other layers? Sure hope you see this! thanks!!!